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April 20th: Bug fixes and improvements

April 20th: Bug fixes and improvements

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Our engineering team bases their work on sprint cycles that typically include a period of building new features and products followed by a “cool down” period. During the cool down period, we circle back and address bugs and smaller updates to maintain a high quality experience of using Streak. 

Many of the issues we address during the cool down period come from you - our Streak customers. Your feedback is valuable and we always appreciate a bug report or an improvement suggestion. 

<a href="#follow-up-link-tracking" class="anchor-link">Follow up from our recent link tracking launch</a>
<a href="#mail-merge-fixes-and-improvements" class="anchor-link">Mail Merge Fixes and Improvements</a>
<a href="#exporting-your-data" class="anchor-link">Exporting your data</a>
<a href="#gmail-toolbar" class="anchor-link">Gmail Toolbar</a>
<a href="#improved-performance-for-bulk-actions" class="anchor-link">Improved Performance for Bulk Actions</a>

Here’s what we worked on during this cool down period:
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🔗 Follow up from our recent link tracking launch

A screenshot of Streak link tracking

Improved deliverability for tracked links

We made several improvements to deliverability for emails with tracked links. This means more of your emails will show up in your recipients’ inboxes rather than their spam folders. 

Desktop notifications for link tracking 

We were all pretty excited about our new link tracking, and sometimes showed desktop notifications for link clicks even if you didn’t have link tracking enabled. This has been fixed, so you’ll only see notifications when you want to. 
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📬 Mail merge fixes and improvements

A screenshot of the mail merge list page

We made several improvements to the mail merge list pages (above) and overall experience. 

Preview mail merge draft when adding recipients to existing mail merge

Not only do mail merges send mass personalized emails to your contacts, but you can reuse them by adding new recipients to the beginning of an existing mail merge.

Now when you add a new recipient, you’ll be able to preview the mail merge draft with any variables to make sure everything is looking a-ok before hitting send. 

Faster mail merge list loading

Some infrastructure updates allow you to load your mail merge lists faster, so you’ll be able to see all of your mail merges as well as drill down into individual recipients without delay. 

Sort mail merges by date of last sent message

We improved the sorting of your mail merges in the list view, so you can quickly see which mail merges you’ve used most recently. They’re now listed in descending order based on when you last sent a message in each mail merge. 

Number of recipients included next to mail merge name

You can now find the number of recipients in each mail merge next to the mail merge name in your mail merge lists, rather than in a separate column.

Column spacing

We cleaned up the appearance of columns in the mail merge lists for your viewing pleasure. The new UI has more consistently spaced columns for your sent, viewed, clicked, and replied data. 

Icons in mail merge

We noticed some of the icon styling in the mail merge interface was inconsistent and got that tidied up. 

Importing recipients with a CSV file

If you started a mail merge and had a subject line filled out, sometimes importing a list of recipients from a CSV file would clear out your carefully crafted subject line. This has been fixed. 

Sending mail merges with an alias

If you have an alias or another email account attached to your Gmail account, the Bcc and Cc lines of your mail merge weren’t visible in the mail merge draft. This has been fixed. 
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➡️ Exporting your data

Sometimes you’ll need to export your data from Streak. Some exports were failing if the pipeline name had special characters in it. This has been fixed - so feel free to dress up your pipelines with emojis and other typographic bling. 
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🛠️ Gmail toolbar

This one is a bit of an edge case, but important nonetheless for those who it affected. If you had your Gmail toolbar set to text instead of icons, sometimes the Streak “add to pipeline” button would disable the options next to it. This has been fixed. 
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💪 Improved performance for bulk actions

Streak now handles bulk actions (think moving or deleting 10,000 boxes at once) without performance issues, like crashing or delays. 

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