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April 13th: Bug fixes and improvements

April 13th: Bug fixes and improvements

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Our engineers are constantly making sure Streak is running smoothly and as expected. This means squashing bugs, polishing features, and making internal improvements. 

Many of these bugs and issues are brought to our attention from your feedback - thank you! We always appreciate thoughtful feedback and bug reports.

See below for a list of recent bug fixes and updates.

⚙️ Move webhook trigger and action to Utilities section of Integrations & Automation panel

Our webhook triggers and actions have a new home in the Utilities section of our Integrations & automation panel.

You can use incoming webhooks as triggers for an automation, and create outgoing webhooks as actions in an automation.

💫 New integration templates added

We’ve created three new plug-and-play integration templates that allow you to collect information and automate your pipeline with common actions. They include:

  • Google Form submission → Update stage and send a Slack message
  • Box stage change → Send a slack message when a box changes to a certain stage
  • Box hasn’t moved → Add a task to check in if a box hasn’t moved in a certain period of time

✏️ Integrations: save button disabled when editing steps of an automation

If you didn’t get your automation right on the first try, you might have run into some frustration trying to edit a step of your automation when the “Save” button was inactive. We fixed this so you can tinker with your automations until they’re flawless.

💬 Creating a comment in an integration action doesn’t linkify @ mentions

You can use the @ symbol in boxes to mention a team member and share context or give them a heads up on changes in your pipeline. Creating a comment as an action step of an integration or automation wasn’t linking the @ mention, but this has been fixed so you can automatically mention team members when a trigger step occurs.

🚫 Skip automated actions when prior step “Should run?” logic is false

The “Should run?” function allows you to create logic within your automation. Previously, if a step of your automation was skipped due to the “Should run?” logic being false, the automation would result in an error. This has been updated so the automation skips steps that refer to the action that didn’t run.

📦 Boxes created from native integration flow show as 19000+ days in stage by default

Boxes created in an integration or automation would appear 19,000+ days old in the “days in stage” magic column. That’s over 52 years - much longer than Streak has been around!

This has been fixed, returning your automatically-created boxes to their youthful state. 

📎 Attachments sent to group emails showing up multiple times

Sending an email with files attached could result in the file being shown multiple times when sent to group emails. This has been fixed so each attachment will only be included once.

🔗 Link tracking getting added to links in quoted text

When you respond to a message in Gmail, the previous messages are included below the most recent one as quoted text. Streak’s tracked links were still being tracked in the quoted text, which was not intended behavior as it could create confusing link tracking stats.

Links from previous messages that are in quoted text are no longer being tracked. 

📧 Adding an email thread to box should update respective thread row labels in real time

Adding an email to a shared pipeline should immediately add a pipeline label to the email in everybody’s inbox, if the email is shared. This wasn’t being updated in real time, but has been fixed so you’ll always know if an email is included in a shared pipeline.

📤 Follow up emails in Mail Merges don't contain the original email

Follow up emails that were sent automatically as part of a mail merge weren’t including the original email message, only the previous follow-up email. 

Since mail merges are sent from your inbox and follow the behavior of a normal email, this wasn’t intended behavior and has been fixed.

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