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The updated Streak sidebar: bringing insights to your inbox

The updated Streak sidebar: bringing insights to your inbox

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Our goal at Streak is to bring useful information to your email so you can make informed decisions without leaving your inbox. This update improves productivity for our users by adding even more functionality and a new interface to the Streak sidebar.

With a sleek new design, the sidebar surfaces information from your pipelines, highlights what to do next, and makes it easy to act on meaningful suggestions.

Log relevant information in your pipeline

The new sidebar makes it easier to organize your emails with Streak by adding threads to new or existing items from your inbox with one click.

To create a new pipeline item from an email thread, choose the appropriate pipeline tile in the sidebar. Adding a thread to an existing item? No problem — Streak guesses which box you’re looking for and will help suggest the right item, with 20% improved accuracy. Otherwise, search for existing items within your pipelines.

Once you’ve added the thread to an item in your pipeline, fill in information like deal size or lead source and assign it to the correct team member without ever navigating away from your inbox.

Gain context and make updates

Improved readability and design make the new sidebar even more visually integrated with Gmail, meaning you can work in Streak without context switching.

Moving an item to a new stage and adding a task are some of the most common actions in the Streak sidebar; you’ll now find them near the top so you can quickly update the status of an item and set follow-up reminders while reading or drafting an email.

Gain context by reviewing related email threads, past conversations, and comments from your team in the recent activity section.

Make informed decisions after quickly scanning column data for context on deal-size, industry, date of last email, and more.

When you’re ready to take action, relevant contacts and organizations are listed with action menus to schedule a meeting, draft an email, start a chat, or make a call directly from the sidebar.

Document interactions and share progress with your team

The new “+” button at the bottom of the sidebar adds functionality without any extra clutter so you can share progress with your team.

Upload files, log interactions, and leave comments for increased transparency and collaboration.

We’re really excited about the improved Streak sidebar being the hub of productivity and collaboration for your team. Looking ahead, this new sidebar will support more big improvements coming down the pipeline (our Streak pipeline for engineering, to be exact), so stay tuned!

To get started with the new Streak sidebar, hit refresh for the most updated version of Streak in your inbox.

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