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Tasks/Calendar Preview

Tasks/Calendar Preview

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We always test our new products internally at Streak before releasing publicly. If you’d like to access our new features at the same time that we get them here at Streak HQ, write us: (in return, we’d appreciate feedback and bug reports).

Tasks and Google Calendar Integration Preview

Recently, we’ve brought you spreadsheet improvements (multiple box edits including copy/paste), Power Tool Refresh, and version 2.0 of Mail Merge.

Our next development sprint will focus on the box “Contents” section. We’re adding specialized features to help you manage Tasks, Call Logs, and Meeting Notes. These features will immediately take advantage of a new Google Calendar integration.

This development cycle is meant to address this question:

How can everyone (simply) know what needs to be done to move this box forward?

Addressing that question will be much easier with the new Tasks and Calendar integration (plus Call logs and meeting notes when released). (Disclaimer: The images below are just a preview, and the final version may look or function differently than shown)

The major news is that we’ll be combining renaming our current Reminders to Tasks. They won’t just be renamed of course, we’re adding a whole bunch of new functionality to them.

As a quick reminder, the current box detail view:

Annnnnd… the new box detail view showing tasks!

Sweet — let’s click on a task so we can see the new Tasks popup:

You’ll recognize the familiar date menu — this will not only give you email reminders of due tasks but also show your tasks directly in Google Calendar:

In the same way you use ‘Assigned To’ for easy box management, each tasks will have an ‘assigned to’:

Finally, the always satisfying “Task complete” screen!

2 important changes to highlight:

  1. Tasks will integrate with your existing Google Calendar! (excited to bring this commonly requested feature to Streak) In Google Calendar, you’ll be able to see all of your tasks/reminders assigned using Google Calendar’s familiar and excellent interface for viewing by day, week, and month.
  2. Tasks will merge the concept of a ‘reminder’ and a ‘task’. The majority of users who create reminders include text (isn’t data fun?). Engineering alert: All reminders will be tasks, but not all tasks will be reminders. (You won’t be required to add a reminder date to a task)

Additional Points of Emphasis

  1. Tasks will be assignable in the same way familiar way that you currently assign a box. Similar to creating a box, when creating a task it will be assigned to you by default. If you choose, for example, after a sales call you can assign yourself a reminder and also assign your sales operations lead a task.
  2. To accommodate the common case of one action (a meeting taking place) necessitating multiple new tasks, this new menu is designed for quickly adding multiple tasks.
  3. Although not shown, corresponding magic columns will be added when we release the first new content type. You will be able to automatically surface information like: number of tasks inside a box or date of next task.

Feedback (

Send us your thoughts! Here are a couple of items that might help you get started thinking:

  1. Is there anything shown here that you would expect to see? (Or, not expect to see?)
  2. Is it to imagine how you’d integrate tasks into your process?
  3. Do you anticipate using the new ‘tasks’ feature? If so:
    A) What do you use Streak to do?
    B) What kinds of tasks do you imagine making?
  4. Anything and everything else.

(…if you aren’t excited by the idea of tasks, what could we build to excite you?)

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