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Streak’s 2020 top 10

Streak’s 2020 top 10

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We sure couldn’t have predicted the twists and turns that defined the year 2020, but one thing has remained a constant: our gratitude to you and all of our customers!

As many faced a tumultuous year, our goal has been to support you with tools to sustain and grow your business.

More than anything, we want to thank you for passing along product feedback, challenging us to think outside the box, and sharing your success stories with our team.

In case you missed anything, we recapped our 2020 top 10 in under 9 minutes.

If you’re in the mood to cozy up with a good read, here’s everything that made the cut for our top 10 launches of 2020:

  1. 💁‍♀ ️Automatic contact and organization pages: Learn how Streak automatically compiles your team’s interaction history with people and companies in your pipelines. Find a team activity timeline of shared emails, a summary of everywhere your contact or organization shows up in your pipelines, and auto-enriched contact information.
  2. Automatic team email sharing: Toggle on automatic email sharing to add your entire team’s past and future emails with contacts and organizations to boxes in Streak.
  3. 📬 Reply all to your team members’ shared emails: Hop in on a conversation without waiting for an introduction — reply all to team members’ shared emails that aren’t in your own inbox. Goodbye introductions and cc’s ✌️
  4. 👁️ Email tracking magic columns: Two new magic columns let you track the Date of Last Tracked View and the Total Tracked Views of the last sent email in your boxes. Use these columns in saved views to follow up with people who read your email today, or move leads who read your email a certain number of times into an “interested” stage, and more. The possibilities are endless!
  5. 🎓 Streak University video lessons: Watch bite-sized videos to become a Streak pro on your own schedule. Each lesson walks through various aspects of getting started with Streak, tracking people and data in pipelines, working with a team, and more.
  6. 📤 Create multiple boxes from your inbox: Select multiple emails in your inbox, sent, or tracked emails folders and create individual boxes for each. Streak will automatically add contacts and organizations and pull in all of their emails with your team.
  7. 📱 Android updates — redesign, contacts, comments: We completely overhauled the Android app so it matches Streak desktop UI and includes more features and functionality.
  8. 🏠 Streak Home sidebar: Find tasks due today, a curated guide to learning about Streak features and tools, and everything you need to manage your account in one place.
  9. 📅 Google Calendar Gsuite add-on: Find and update pipeline details in Google Calendar on your desktop when you schedule events with your Streak contacts.
  10. 🕹️ The command palette: Use one keyboard shortcut to access the command palette and jump to boxes and pipelines in Streak, add content to your boxes, update your pipelines, and more.

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