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Streak Pipelines: Now With Undo!

Streak Pipelines: Now With Undo!

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We invested significant effort this past summer to make editing a pipeline as easy and fast as possible. Among other improvements, we enabled copy/paste to a cell, row, or region. You sent lots of positive feedback our way (thanks!), but we also heard from some folks who accidentally pasted over the wrong cell or were just nervous they’d accidentally lose information with a careless paste. Keeping your data safe and happily at home in your Streak Pipelines is our #1 priority, so we’re very happy to introduce: Undo!

Accidentally paste your 2015 Fantasy Football roster over the ‘Leads’ section of your Sales pipeline? Help is now just an Undo away! As with other spreadsheet features, Undo is built to be immediately familiar using command-z (Mac) or control-z (PC). Undo behaves exactly as you’d expect.

And, if you get a little excited with the new feature and hit Undo one too many times, you can ‘redo’ with command-y (Mac) or control-y (PC).

A few caveats to be aware of:

  • You can’t undo a column that has been deleted out of the Pipeline
  • You can’t undo a deleted box
  • You can’t undo moving a box

We’d love to hear your thoughts!

(Send us a high five and we’ll reply with a video of your high five making it to Chris, the lead developer on this project)

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