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Streak is Google’s G Suite Partner of the Year

Streak is Google’s G Suite Partner of the Year

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We built Streak to help businesses push their workflows further and faster. From the beginning, we knew this meant deeply integrating into the tools businesses already use. As a team of former Googlers, we knew G Suite was the obvious choice to base Streak’s platform on. It’s modern, cloud-based, and ubiquitous.

Today, we’re honored to announce Streak is the G Suite Partner of the Year. We’re being recognized for this award both because of our deep integration across G Suite’s line of products and our work on the Google Cloud Platform. Our team has worked with Google to push its platform further and faster for several years. This award is a product of the hard problems we’ve solved and will continue solving together.

We believe that the best tools are the ones that are always by your side. We want the workflow data you’ve put into Streak to be accessible anywhere — from Gmail, to Calendar, to your phone. There shouldn’t be a step in your process to go find data in your CRM or workflow tool — that data should already be there in the context of when and how you’d use it.

Our work with Google and early adoption of Google Cloud Platform has helped us build that tool. Their platform makes Streak performant, secure, and nimble. It’s also enabled us to innovate at an incredible pace. We’re excited to continue working with Google’s team and product suite, and even more excited to bring the value of working with them to you.

Most business workflows exist in email and most people rely on Gmail to be the platform delivering them the best possible email experience. Streak shines brightest when it gives you and your teammates the context needed directly in your inbox, your threads, and in your outbound messages. We help you share data directly from Gmail — whether you’re on the web or your mobile — with teammates securely. We do this by using Gmail’s powerful API, and by connecting mobile to web via Gmail addons.

Email isn’t the only place where workflows exist, though. The same context powering your email needs to come with you to Calendar, Sheets, and Chat. This is why we’ve built integrations into each of these products already. They tie Streak into your work, whether that work is planning, data analysis, or chat. With the recent announcement of G Suite addons, we’ll be able to bring an even deeper integration into each of these products.

That’s only one of the reasons why we’re super excited for the future of Streak.

Our roadmap for 2019 pushes us and G Suite further than ever before. It’s our goal to give customers instant value from using Streak. We’ll be doing that by doubling down on innovative email tools and giving teams new ways to share data. We’ll also be investing in the infrastructure needed to bring Streak to teams everywhere instantly.

We’re striving to make Streak do the monotonous work that pulls you away from building relationships with your customers. We look at tools like machine learning and AI as the future of workflows — handling common tasks like follow-ups, scheduling, and updating CRM data. This all amounts to doing smarter work, faster, and with a greater focus on your customers.

Thank you for being part of our journey toward that future, for using Streak, and for sharing our product. The word-of-mouth support and feedback we receive from our entire user-base has made this possible. If you’ve had a great experience with Streak, we encourage you to share that by reviewing us on the Chrome Web Store.

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