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Reports Update: Use a Saved View to Create a Custom Chart!

Reports Update: Use a Saved View to Create a Custom Chart!

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Although our Reports redesign is barely a month old, we’re already unveiling a major feature update: the ability to create custom charts from Saved Views. You can focus Reports on the specific information you need to improve your particular business and even add them to your existing Reporting Dashboard.

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If you’re acclimated to analyzing your pipeline from the Reports Dashboard or with a Saved View — Now you can run a Saved View analysis and also save the results to your Reports Dashboard as a Chart for future reference. To maximize your customizing power we’ve enabled a deeper level of detail. Use our new subgroup option to, for example, create: 1) a Line Chart showing new Sales leads per week subgrouped by lead source 2) a Column Chart displaying business closed per week subgrouped by sales rep:

A screenshot of Streak pipeline from Reports dashboard

*If that introduction has you looking for a refresher on Saved Views, start here. If you’re new to Reporting, your introduction is here.

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Step by Step Instructions for: Saved View -> Custom Chart

1. Create the Saved View that will be the basis of your Custom Chart. In this case, all boxes in the ‘Closed Won’ stage that closed this week (for simplicity, we’re using a very small data set):

A screenshot of Streak labelled boxes for creating Saved view

2. Select how to visualize your Saved View results. The new options shown below are your key to creating Custom Charts from the pipeline. (More on Pipeline Visualizations at the end of this blog) For our example, we’ll select ‘Column Chart’:

A screenshot of Streak options for creating Custom Charts from the pipeline

3. Begin customizing your chart. If no changes are made, the default visual is simply a count of the total number of boxes:

A screenshot of Streak Chart/ Reports Dashboard

4. Apply a custom analysis. To do create a total of business won (instead of total number of boxes), we select the ‘Deal Size’ column and apply a ‘Sum’:

A screenshot of Streak custom charts displaying Closed Won custom analysis

5. Drill down into your data with a subgrouping (if applicable). The above Chart is showing us an aggregate total of business won, but we want the additional detail of per sales rep. To drill down on the individual rep level, we apply ‘assigned to’ as a subgroup:

A Streak custom chart displaying a custom analsis of Closed won in Blue bar and a subgroup of per sales rep in red bar

6. Optionally, Use the ‘Add to Reports Dashboard’ to save for your reference — don’t forget to rename the Chart!

A screenshot of Streak custom chart showing the renaming of the chart

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Creating Charts from Saved Views inside the Reports Dashboard

If you’re already working inside of your Reports Dashboard, adding a custom chart is easy!

1. From the ‘Add Report’ list, select the Saved View Report:

A screenshot showing how to create Streak charts from saved views inside reports dashboard

2. … that’s it! You’ll see the same Chart you’re now familiar with (as if you had begun from the pipeline with a Saved View).

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On Pipeline Visualization

While we’re down in the minutiae of Streak with you, a word on Pipeline Visualizations: We’re oversimplifying a smidgen by presenting Visualizations as always used alongside Saved Views.

Technically, a visualization is always being applied unless you select ‘No Visualization’. By default, even if you don’t think you’re using a visualization, we’re showing you ‘Grouping’ visualization to display all your stages and the number of boxes in each one. Choosing ‘No Visualization’ removes the stages and maximizes the viewable space for your spreadsheet:

A screenshot of Streak pipeline visualization

Integrating Saved Views and Reports offers easy, powerful analysis of any data within Streak. If it happens in your pipeline, either we’ve already built the Chart you need, or you can easily craft your own custom visual.

We’d love to help you configure your Dashboard and Saved View Charts!

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