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Reintroducing Zapier + Streak!

Reintroducing Zapier + Streak!

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If you’ve ever wanted to use Streak with another tool (like Slack, Wufoo, or Google Sheets), Zapier is the easiest method! Zapier lets you connect Streak to other services with a few clicks, no coding needed. Anytime something happens inside Streak, Zapier can let another service know. Even better, when something happens outside of Streak, Zapier can update your boxes. A few current examples from users like you:

We’re extremely proud to announce major behind the scenes updates that will help you create more powerful connections more easily. Part 2 of this blog offers advanced step-by-step examples to help you craft the perfect automation.

Before you start designing, allow us to offer inspiration using Zapier to save time and eliminate repetitive tasks:

5 Ideas for Integrating Streak with (500+) other Apps

  1. Wufoo (or Gravity form, etc) submissions create a new Streak Box
  2. New rows in Google Sheets create new boxes
  3. New Gmail Threads create new boxes
  4. Comments added to boxes are posted to a Slack channel.
  5. MailChimp adds subscribers for new email addresses in Streak.

If you’re thinking to yourself: “… does this still apply to me if I’m only working inside Streak?”

…and voila! Zapier will now create a task (or tasks) for each new box that is created.

3 Ideas for Saving Time Inside Streak

  1. Tasks are added to all new boxes
  2. Stage changes create and link a new boxes.
  3. When a new message is added to a box, the Stage is changed.

If you’re already making basic Zaps, you’ll love the new advanced Streak + Zapier functionality:

Zapier: Multi step zaps!

Streak: Search for and edit boxes

Streak: New triggers to initiate Zaps

  • A Streak task being completed
  • A new email being received in a box
  • … and 10 more! Full documentation on Streak triggers.

Streak: New Streak actions

More advanced uses and step-by-step examples can be found in Part 2. Or, start building in Zapier right now!

Integrations We’re Using at Streak Today

Sales, Support, Engineering, Hiring, and Account Management are just a few of the pipelines we use internally. Everything we do as an organization is run via pipelines, and Zapier is a critical part of how we connect those pipelines to the outside world. Here is a sample of the integrations we’re using right now:

(OK… so we also have a zap to automatically send us an email when we receive a new package at the downstairs entrance. It’s awesome.)

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