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Permission Roles

Permission Roles

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One of the key features of Streak is the ability to share information with other users. Your notes, comments, and emails are available for collaboration with everyone shared on your pipeline. Today we’re announcing a new feature to make sharing even better — Permission Roles.

Permission Roles allow you to choose what level of access each person shared on the Pipeline has, making it easy to provide only the data and access each person needs.

The “Edit” Permission Role is the same level of access users have always had. Users with Edit access can see every Box in your Pipeline and perform every action — create boxes, edit notes, and modify columns. On a sales pipeline, this role might suit a manager who needs to see everything, set up the overall structure, and make comments or edits as necessary.

The “Edit Assigned To” Permission Role gives users total access to only Boxes they are assigned to. Users with “Edit Assigned To” access can add emails, set reminders, make comments, and perform all other Box centric actions — but only for their assigned Boxes. On a sales Pipeline, this role might suit the salesperson who needs to to control their assigned Boxes, but doesn’t need to edit Boxes assigned to others.

The “View” Permission Role gives users view-only access to every Box in your Pipeline. On a sales Pipeline, this role might suit the accountant who needs to be able to see all Box data in order to create a quarterly revenue report, but doesn’t need to modify any Box data.

The “View Assigned To” Permission gives users view-only access to Boxes they are assigned to. On a sales Pipeline, this role might suit the engineer who needs to see one customer’s feature request, but nothing else.

To assign a user a Permission Role, open the Share menu.

Add the user to the Pipeline.

And use the Permission Role drop down next to the user’s name.

We hope that these new Permission Roles will enable you to share your pipelines with more people, more productively. Permission Roles are available for users on our Corporate plan.

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