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Notifications When a Box is Assigned To You

Notifications When a Box is Assigned To You

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We’ve now added the ability to notify a person when a box gets assigned to them. They’ll get an email and a chat notification (that’s new too!) and be following the box automatically — that means any subsequent changes to the box will send out a notification. This makes it all extremely easy to keep a team organized and coordinated.

Setting it up

When you create new pipelines, they’ll have the new Assigned To column available to you automatically, so you should be good to go right away.

For existing pipelines, you’ll need to add the new Assigned To column manually (see the screenshot below). If you already have a column you’ve been using to assign stuff to people you’ll need to copy over the data. Let us know at if you need any help.

Managing Notifications

This new Assigned To system does produce notifications. We’ve added the ability to manage which notifications you want to get — simply goto your settings in Gmail and click on the “Streak Settings” tab. From there you’ll have total control over what notifications you want and how they’ll be delivered. Look for more notification types in the future like mobile push notifications and text messages.

Get Notified of Everything

For those data junkies out there we’ve added the ability to get notified of a change to any box that you have access to — not just the ones you’re following. By default this is turned off since that will result in A LOT of notifications, but you can change that in the settings menu.

Chat Notifications

We’ve now enabled Google Chat notifications alongside emails. You may have already noticed a new contact asking for permission, it’ll be If you give permission to that account then you’ll start receiving chat notifications.

Moving Ahead

Notifications when you get assigned to something, better control over your notifications and what kind you get are all about making using Streak as easy and seamless as possible. Now that we’ve laid a lot of foundational work for this Assigned To we have some really exciting things planned for the future — including a global view of all boxes assigned to you.

So check it out and let us know what you think.

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