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New video lesson: Custom reports with saved views

New video lesson: Custom reports with saved views

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Saved views help you hone in on specific leads and opportunities — like those that need follow up or fall within a certain category.

They can also help you find and visualize relationships in your data. For example, you could see your projected monthly revenue for each customer type or for each sales rep.

With Saved Views, you have the flexibility to create custom reports and pipeline visualizations to analyze and prioritize your work. The third video lesson on Saved Views (below) shows you how this feature can be used to create a custom report for projected revenue within a quarter. Follow along to build this report step-by-step, or learn new techniques and create your own.

You’ll learn how to map out all of your filters, sorting, and grouping in the saved view editor. We’ll also show you how to access the data from all of the available magic columns — even if they’re not displayed in your pipeline — so you can leverage powerful data about your leads, opportunities, and process.

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