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New Formatting Options for Your Streak Pipeline

New Formatting Options for Your Streak Pipeline

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Adding new columns to your pipeline is a key step in customizing Streak to fit your needs. Our new formatting options will make your columns more precise and easier to read. When 100 is actually $100.00, or Sept 24 is actually 24/9/2015, we’re happy to say we now have you covered.

Formatting can be added to Columns of type: Date (including Magic Columns!), Formula, or Free Form. First, let’s find the “Format” option in the dropdown of a column we’d like to format:

Free Form Columns
Free form columns can store everything from a mailing address to the number of widgets on order. To handle all of the different kinds of information thrown at Free Form columns, we’ve included a variety of format possibilities:

(… additional currency options continue off screen)

Date Columns
Streak offers Date Columns in various shapes and sizes. Whether you’re using a custom Date field you edit or an automatically updated Magic Column like ‘Date of Last Contact’, you’ll be able to apply the appropriate formatting:

Custom Formula Columns
Because Formulas might produce a date or a number, you’re able to apply any of the number or date format options shown above.

Show and Tell!
Easier to read numbers (note ‘Price Quote’ is an automatically calculated Formula column):

… which Streak can now roll up into more precise column summaries:

More visibility into Date & Time changes, note the same column is displayed left/right with different options applied:

In the left column below, you’ll see the “# of days since” applied to ‘Date of Last Contact’:

As always, we’d love to help you get your columns perfectly formatted:

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