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Moving Boxes between Pipelines

Moving Boxes between Pipelines

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Since first launching Streak we’ve had tons of requests to be able to move a box from one pipeline to another. We’ve been testing it for a while and just launched it to all users.

Moving boxes between pipelines is really useful if you have more than one pipeline where you manage the same customer. With the ability to move boxes you can now start a customer of in a sales pipeline and once you close the deal, you can move the customer to a support pipeline.

To move a box or many boxes, simply goto the pipeline where the boxes currently are, select them with the checkboxes and find the “Move to new Pipeline” menu in the “More” drop down.

This will move the box, along with any emails, comments, files, reminders and newsfeed items that are inside the box. One thing to be careful about is that if the new pipeline doesn’t have the same custom columns that the old one does, you will lose that data. If a column exists in both old and new then it will get moved over just fine.

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