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May 27th: Bug fixes and improvements

May 27th: Bug fixes and improvements

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Have you ever come across something that’s pesky, broken, or just a bit off in Streak? We hope you’ll let us know if you do! Your feedback and bug reports help us keep Streak running smoothly — and keep you going about your work without any delay.

We’re sharing a recap of recent fixes and some additional context on a Streak outage below. Please let us know your questions, comments, and feedback in the comments section!

🔥 Streak outages

Streak experienced downtime for about two hours on Wednesday, May 26th and for about an hour early on Thursday, May 27th. We know that these outages affect your work no matter how long they last or what time of day they occur— and we take this very seriously.

We’re currently investing a lot of resources in upgrading our infrastructure, but have had a few outages along the way. We expect Streak to be much more stable as the new infrastructure rolls out. Additionally, we’re looking to expand our support coverage to offer help across more global timezones.

You can always check Streak’s status at or by following us on Twitter.

💬 Deleting comments not behaving as expected

If you started to delete a box comment but then clicked the ‘x’ when asked to confirm your choice, Streak would still delete the comment. Oops! This now behaves as expected, so your comment isn’t going anywhere if you change your mind.

📝 Text misalignment in delete box confirmation

Some of the text was clipped in the pop up asking if you’re totally sure about deleting that box. This has been smoothed out.

🔗 Broken “Learn” tab on

The “Learn” tab on was briefly out of commission, making if difficult to navigate to resources like Streak University, our blog, the Knowledge Base, and more.

🤖 HTML in comments section of box timeline

Empty comments sections in box timelines were showing an HTML message better suited for computers and bots. We’ve translated this back to make it easier to read for humans.

⚠️ Unable to override data validation when bulk-updating boxes

Ok, stick with us on this one. When you add data validation rules to your pipelines, you can allow your team members to override data validation after reading the warning message. However, if you bulk-updated boxes (like moving multiple boxes into a new stage all at once) and triggered a data validation rule, you weren’t able to override it.

We’ve fixed this for all you rule breakers out there.

📂 “Issue accessing file” when opening attachments

In some cases, opening a file that you should be able to access from the box timeline was taking you to a page on that informed you of an issue accessing the file. Apologies! We’ve fixed this.

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