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Improved performance updates

Improved performance updates

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Thousands of businesses, organizations, and individuals rely on Streak to manage processes from fundraising to support to sales. Beyond the core functionality of a CRM in your inbox, reliability is a huge component of our product – you need to be able to trust Streak whenever and wherever your work takes you. 

We recently updated our data infrastructure to significantly improve Streak’s performance. This means Streak is able to process updates and edits to your data faster and without delays known as contention

Keep reading for more background on this change. 

How Streak stores and protects your data

Streak is built on top of Google infrastructure called Google Cloud Platform. This means your data is stored with the same security standards as Google products like Gmail and Google Drive.

Previously: Datastore is scalable but has limitations

We initially built Streak using Google’s Datastore product, which allowed Streak to reliably scale as millions of users updated their pipelines, organized emails, and completed various daily tasks in Streak. 

However, while Datastore made sure all of your edits and changes were reliably updated in Streak, the speed at which it processed those edits on a per-user basis was limited. This could cause delays for an individual Streak user if they tried to make a large number of updates to their boxes or pipelines in a short period of time. These delays are called contention, and they make it appear like Streak isn’t saving your edits or updates. For example, you move a box to a new stage in your pipeline, but Streak doesn’t appear to save the change. Eventually Streak finishes processing that update and the box will appear in the new stage, but it makes for a frustrating and unreliable experience.

As Streak users continued to expand their use of the product with things like advanced integrations and automations, some of you may have run into these limits known as contention.

Now: newer Firestore technology improves performance

In response to the performance limitations in Datastore, Google released an updated version of Datastore called Firestore. With the help of Google’s Firestore team, we migrated to the new technology in mid-August and have been seeing a big improvement in Streak’s performance. 

With most of the processing limitations gone, the vast majority of Streak users no longer experience any delays. “Power users” with integrations or automations that are making large numbers of edits in short periods of time are seeing a 90% reduction in contention. This means a much smoother and more reliable experience for all Streak users. 

We know that it impacts everybody when Streak isn’t working optimally, which is why updates like this are so important to us here at Streak and to our customers. We’re continually looking to improve and optimize Streak as well as clearly communicate around these issues. You can always track the current status and see what’s going on at or by following us on Twitter @Streak

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