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Import Streak Contacts to New Or Existing Boxes

Import Streak Contacts to New Or Existing Boxes

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Your feedback on our brand new Import feature has been overwhelmingly positive. We love that you love it! Today we’re introducing a significant update: Contacts and Organizations can now be added to new boxes during Import and create, or added to existing boxes during Import and update. Want more Contacts knowledge? Join us for a Contacts focused webinar!

Why should I switch to using Streak Contacts?

Streak Contacts and Organizations are the easiest way to manage the multiple people involved in a box (or, multiple boxes involving one Contact/Organization):

  • Add unlimited number of Contacts or Organizations to a box (note: for now, Import is limited to adding 1 Contact and 1 Organization per box)
  • See all boxes linked to a Contact or Organization by opening the Contact/Organization Card
  • Take action (email, phone call, calendar invite) directly from the Contact/Organization Card
  • Easily share to your whole team! An update made to a Contact/Organization Card anywhere in Streak is immediately available to all

You’ll get 3 immediate benefits from switching. First, a visual explanation of how you can declutter a noisy pipeline like this:

…And replace with this clean, organized version:

3 immediate benefits:

  1. Because details (phone number, etc) are tied to Contacts and not individual boxes, it’s easy to take those details with you to other boxes or Pipelines. If you add a phone number field to a box (see first image above), there is no way to take that phone number and easily apply it somewhere else in Streak. If you switch to Contacts (second image above), when you update a field on the Contact, it will apply to all boxes containing that Contact. Or, if you create a second box (new opportunity, support ticket, hiring lead) adding a Contact brings all of their details with them automatically (stop copy/pasting fields for: “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Email”).
  2. Collapses number of columns and makes boxes with multiple people easy to manage. If you setup a pipeline that had separate fields for First Name, Last Name, Phone, and Address then your pipeline potentially bloated left-right, especially if you had First Name POC1, First Name POC2 — etc. Adding 7 related people to a box (and all of their relevant details) using Contacts still only requires 1 field in your box.
  3. Immediate insight to all boxes that contain a Contact or Organization. Click on a Contact or Organization, and the bottom of the Card will show you all associated boxes.
  • Bonus — Mail Merge: When you Mail Merge using the Contacts column, updates to the “Given Name” value (example) are saved permanently for future merges

Best Practices Update:

  1. Contact details should not be stored as fields on the Box. They should be fields on the Contact.
  2. If you currently use linked boxes where 1 lead Box is linked to a Contact/Person, Streak Contacts replaces this functionality.
  3. A Box may represent a person in the real world (Hiring Pipeline), but the Best Practice recommendation is that the Box represents the opportunity to them. It is the source of truth for that individual project — however — the box is not the source of truth for Contact information. Only the Contact Card is the source of truth for contact details.
  4. Thus, every time you begin a new project with the same person, you should create a new Box. You can simply add their Contact information by adding them as a Streak Contact in the new box

Sounds great! …How do I update existing boxes to contain Contacts?

In your Google Sheet, you’ll need two columns at a minimum:

  1. Name column must match existing boxes to update (suggestion: export your existing boxes to create a template w/all existing Box names)
  2. Email Address Column

Updating a box to contain a Contact is as easy as mapping your fields (note — this email address example is just the minimum, you can import any of the fields you see in the right hand Streak Import menu):

To update instead of create new boxes, select the ‘Update existing box with new data’ option as below:

Adding a Contact via Import works exactly like adding a Contact from a box does currently:

  1. If the Contact exists as a Streak Contact already, we’ll associate the existing Contact to your box
  2. If the Contact does not exist, we’ll create a new Streak Contact. When we create the Contact, we’ll do a one time enrichment and scrape information from your Google Contacts as well as a 3rd party database

What’s coming next on the Contacts Roadmap

  • Import Multiple Contacts (update: launched!)
  • Multiple (re-nameable) Contact Columns: Separate Main Contact from All Contacts or separate by job function (appraiser, buyer, title company)
  • Create Saved Views on Contact Columns: Filter, sort, and group based on the Contacts and Organizations in your Pipeline. The core feature of Streak!

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