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How we’re helping customers during COVID-19

How we’re helping customers during COVID-19

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For many businesses, Streak is critical infrastructure that helps keep your business moving. We understand that challenges posed by COVID-19 create a difficult situation for many and we’re striving to do right by our customers and our team. I want to reassure you that Streak is a tool you can rely and count on being available when you need it most.

To do so, we’ve taken a few steps:

  1. Transitioned to fully remote: our team has transitioned to fully WFH over the last few weeks to ensure they stay safe. Although we already have remote teammates and distributed offices — we’re paying special attention to our communication and processes as a fully remote team so we can continue to be effective for you.
  2. Additional support on standby: we want to continue offering the world class support that you’re accustomed to. We’ve been training more of our team on our support tools and processes should the need arise.
  3. Training for your team: we know that as more of our customers are going fully remote, they are adding additional team members to Streak. We have several resources available to help onboard them as well as personalized training from our team. Reach out to us at or register here for our daily Streak Office Hours where you can ask questions live.
  4. Accelerating product improvements for remote teams: we have several exciting updates to Streak to make it easier to work with remote teams as well as new team members. These features will make it easier for your team to onboard by giving new users a getting started checklist as well as a way to automatically add all of their email to Streak. We’re hyper focused on getting these released as soon as possible.

We also understand that this is a difficult time for Streak customers who are predominantly small and medium businesses and affected by COVID-19. We are working with customers facing financial uncertainty to make sure you continue to have access to Streak tools and resources when your business likely needs them the most. If you’re in this situation please reach out to and we’re happy to figure something out that works for your business.

For customers new to Streak, we expect many of you are migrating from an in-person system as you go remote for the first time, or you’re tightening the belt and moving off of an expensive solution like Salesforce. There’s enough uncertainty in the world right now and we want to give you ample time to decide if Streak works for you. If you’re new to Streak, we’re happy to extend your trials and offer special plans during this crisis. A new tool can be daunting so we’re also happy to offer personalized training to get your team up and running. Just reach out to us at and tell us what you need.

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