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How to delete a Gmail account

How to delete a Gmail account

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Fact: Email is a vital part of both personal and professional communication. 

However, sometimes, you need to part ways with an old email address or inbox. Let’s explore what you need to consider before deleting your Gmail account, and then we’ll dig into some step-by-step instructions on how to delete a Gmail account. 

<a href="#why-delete-gmail" class="anchor-link">Why delete your Gmail account?</a>
<a href="#not-same-as-google" class="anchor-link">Deleting a Gmail account isn’t the same as deleting a Google Account</a>
<a href="#what-happens-when" class="anchor-link">What happens when you delete your Gmail account?</a>
<a href="#delete-gmail-six-steps" class="anchor-link">How to delete a Gmail account in six easy steps</a>
<a href="#alternatives-delete-gmail" class="anchor-link">Alternatives to deleting a Gmail account</a>

  • <a href="#recover-email-address" class="anchor-link">Recover your email address</a>
  • <a href="#delete-google-account" class="anchor-link">Delete your Google Account</a>

<a href="#streak-preserve-data" class="anchor-link">One last thing: Streak can help you preserve important data in Gmail</a>

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Why delete your Gmail account?

There are several reasons you might decide to close your Gmail account.

  • Account security has been compromised. If your Gmail account has been compromised or hacked, deleting it may help you protect your data. 
  • You have several email accounts. It can get a little chaotic to have an email address you give when you’re shopping, a personal email you share with family and friends, and a work email. Often people delete email accounts to simplify their digital lives. 
  • You’re using a new email service provider. You may be opting for a different email service and no longer need your Gmail account.
  • You have privacy concerns. Deleting your Gmail account can reduce your online presence and prevent any targeted advertising fatigue you may feel in your inbox. 

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Deleting a Gmail account isn’t the same as deleting a Google Account

While your Gmail and Google Account are tied to the same username, they are not the same. 

Your Google Account is linked to all of your Google services, including Google Drive, YouTube, and Google Photos. Deleting your Google account prevents you from accessing any of these services that are tied to your username.

Your Gmail account is associated with your email address and all of its associated emails. Deleting your Gmail account only prevents you from using the email account tied to that address. 

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What happens when you delete your Gmail account?

Let’s clarify what exactly you keep and lose if you delete your Gmail account.

What you lose

Your emails

All of the emails in your Gmail account will be permanently deleted, as well as your mail settings. People on the other end of your emails will still be able to access those conversations unless they also delete their Gmail account.

Your email address and Google username

Once you delete your Gmail account, you’ll no longer be able to use your Gmail address to send or receive emails. If you change your mind later on, you may be able to recover your email address, but if it’s been a longer period of time, then it may be forever inaccessible. Once your Gmail account is deleted, any emails that are sent to that address will bounce back. 

What you keep

Your Google Account

You’ll still have your core Google Account, which includes your username. No one else will be able to use your username or email address in the future. This prevents other people from impersonating you.

All other Google services

You’ll still be able to use Google services that are tied to your account, including Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Calendar, etc. 

Your Google Play Store purchases

Because your account is still active, you can still access purchases made on Google Play using your Google username.

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How to delete a Gmail account in six easy steps

  1. This first step is optional, but super recommended. Download your Google data
  • To do this, select the data you want to archive (your emails) by going to the Download your data page. Here, you can select all of the data you want to keep. Then, select Next step.
  • Customize the way you want to archive your emails by selecting your delivery method, export type, and file type.
  • Receive your Google data archive in the format you requested. This typically takes less than a day but can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days, depending on how many emails you’re archiving.
  1. Once you’ve saved all your data, go to your Google Account. You can also do this by opening your Settings, clicking Google, and then selecting Manage your Google Account.
  1. Click Data & privacy in the left-hand toolbar, then scroll to Data from apps and services you use.
  1. Find Download or delete your data, and select Delete a Google service. You may be prompted to sign in.
  1. Provide an alternative email address that you want to use to sign in. Please note: This cannot be a Gmail address. Then, click Send verification email.
  1. Verify your existing alternative email address by clicking on the link you’re sent. Your Gmail address will be deleted once you do this. 

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Alternatives to deleting a Gmail account

So now that you know how to delete a Gmail account, let’s briefly touch on a few other options you may want to consider depending on what exactly you’re trying to do.

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Recover your email address

If you’ve forgotten your password, or you can’t get verification codes, you can still access your Gmail by recovering your account. Google walks you through how to recover your account if you’ve forgotten your password or email address. 

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Delete your Google Account

In some instances, there may be no way to recover your Gmail. Maybe you forgot the answers to your security questions, or you can’t access the recovery email address for your account. If this is the case, you may just need to delete your entire Google Account.

You may also want to delete your Google Account and start fresh for a name change. Your other Google services, such as your Google Drive and Google Calendar, are still tied to your account even if you delete your Gmail. Deleting an old account and creating a new one ensures all of your services are tied together under the same name. 

Sign out of Gmail on your phone

Some people may choose to delete their Gmail because they’re overwhelmed by the constant influx of emails to their phones. If this is you, you don’t have to sacrifice your entire email account. You can sign out of Gmail on your phone and choose to only check email on your computer or tablet.

Reset your password

Forgetting the password to your Gmail doesn’t mean it’s lost forever. Google will have you follow the steps to recover your Gmail, then reset your password when you’re prompted. 

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Streak can help you preserve team members’ emails in Gmail

Businesses and teams across all industries rely on Streak to manage their workflows inside Gmail. Not only do employees manage and connect with clients from Gmail, but they also share notes from meetings, leave comments for managers, and collaborate with others on their team without ever leaving their inboxes. This data provides a complete history of your interactions with potential leads. 

With Streak, you can still access this information even if somebody leaves your team. Historically, you’d have to pay to maintain the data from their Google Workspace account, but this isn’t the case with Streak’s archive user feature.

Archiving users allows you to cancel a past team member’s Streak and Google Workspace accounts without losing their emails and email attachments. They’ll continue living safely in your organization’s Streak account.

Curious to know if Streak is right for you? Try it for free today.

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