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= ‘Hello World’ to Formulas!

= ‘Hello World’ to Formulas!

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Today we are very proud to introduce a feature we’ve worked really hard to bring you: customizable formulas, right in your pipelines.

Adding formulas to your pipelines is a powerful new way to gain even more insight into your processes. For example, a column that represents how much each deal is worth. In a typical sales pipeline, you might set up your columns like this:

Previously, it would have been necessary to update the “deal value” column manually. This calculation is now easy using Formulas. You’ll be writing and using your own formulas by the end of today’s blog!

Get started by clicking on a column header and inserting a new column of type “Formula.”

Great! We’re now ready to enter a formula. Streak formulas use javascript under the hood — but don’t worry if that sounds intimidating. Our formulas are very friendly (and similar to Excel). Here’s how we would write a formula that calculates deal size:

This simple formula multiplies the price per widget times the number of widgets times the probability the deal closes. We want to be sure and note the syntax we used to reference each column within the formula. Generally: $‘SomeColumnName’. In this example, the column named Price/Widget is written: $‘Price/Widget’. Easy! For a complete reference on the syntax of formulas, and all of the other powerful functions Streak now offers, refer to our help in the app.

Let’s dig in and have some fun with a more advanced example. We’re feeling kind of lazy, and although we could manually fill out the probability of each deal closing, we’d rather write a formula and have the computer do the hard work. In this example, we want to assign every deal in a certain stage to have the same probability of closing:

Selecting “Just This Stage” allows us to write a formula that will only be applied to the boxes in this stage. This is perfect for us to assign different probabilities of closing based on the stage the box is in.

A final example to show off: automatically filling in the price of a widget based on a dropdown field of product names:

Don’t be scared! In plain english, what we’ve told the computer is that the price of a widget should be based on which the type of widget. If the widget is a Thinger, the price should be set to $10. If the widget is a Bobber, the price is $20….. and so on. Cool! Now our formula automatically updates the price any time we change the widget type. And best of all, we built on top of the previously written formula without needing to edit any already completed work.

And here’s what our completed pipeline looks like:

There are an unlimited number of uses for formulas, and that is a beautiful thing. You can now precisely customize Streak to your specific use case.. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. For sales related pipelines, formulas can be created for lead scoring
  2. For dealflow pipelines, formulas can be created for % ownership of an investment based on the total capital raised and the investment amount
  3. For bug tracking pipelines, formulas can be made for the time it takes a bug to go from reported to closed.

Please let us know all of the different calculations you put together! You can get started right now, for free, with up to 2 formulas. Users of our paid Corporate plan enjoy an unlimited number of formulas.

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