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Email Box Filters

Email Box Filters

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Some Streak users have a one-box, one-user system. For example, they may track sales leads, or have a support box for each customer account.

Until recently, if an email came in from a user, you’d have to notice the email, remember whether you already had a box for that user, and then add the email to the correct box.

We’re releasing a new feature called Email Filters to make this automatic.

If you want all emails with to get added to the Bob Smith box, you can set up an Email Filter on the box for From then on, all new emails with will automatically get added to the Bob Smith box, no extra work needed.

How to Use Email Filters

To get started, add an email thread to a box. Streak will automatically suggest some filters you may want to add.

You can see your filters for a box at any time.

If you want to make an Email Filter that Streak doesn’t suggest, the “New Filter” button is your next stop. You can add all emails with a particular user to a box, or you can also choose to box all emails with users on one domain if you want to group a company together.

Unlimited Email Filters

By default, you will be able to create up to 10 Email Filters. Unlimited Email Filters are available in our paid plans. We’re starting to offer this paid plan to customers now and we hope to have full details coming soon. If you’d like to inquire about our paid plans, email us at

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