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Changing Pipeline Ownership — update

Changing Pipeline Ownership — update

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We’re very happy to roll out an important upgrade for our permission roles! Ownership of a Pipeline has previously only been available for the original creator of that specific Pipeline. However, if that owner later leaves your organization, you may want to transfer ownership of their pipelines to a different user. Thanks to the new Admin permission role, now you can!

All existing Pipeline creators are now Admins. The Admin permission role functions just like our other permission roles (can edit assigned to, view only, etc). ‘Admin’ users have two additional permissions above ‘can edit’ users: 1) the ability to change who is an Admin and 2) the ability to delete the pipeline entirely. If you’d like to make another user an Admin, first open the Pipeline’s sharing menu (shown on the far right of the following image):

Then, share the Pipeline with the user:

… and select the Admin permission role:

Voila! You’ve now added Nikola Tesla as an Admin in your pipeline. Note that only an Admin can change the permissions of an Admin. In the example from the beginning: If Lucas was the old user you now wish to remove, Nikola would now be able to remove Lucas’s account from the pipeline. To do so, he need only click the “X” to the right of the user’s name.

With the new Admin Permission role, you can give everyone in your organization the appropriate level of access. Access to permission roles is available as part of our Corporate plan.

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