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Building a better developer experience with Streak

Building a better developer experience with Streak

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When we evaluate new software internally at Streak, our developers look for a strong and well documented API before moving forward with any one product. We’ll play around with it, see if it covers our requirements, and go on from there.

Good documentation is the ultimate limiting factor in our adoption of a product, and we know we’re definitely not the only team that evaluates software in this way. While we’ve always been focused on providing a great developer experience, we wanted to bring a truly world-class experience to Streak with our latest updates to the API and integrations pages.

In these updates, we’ve added the ability to have multiple API keys attached to your account, and also surfaced existing integrations we’ve worked on like Zapier (which really does make us happier), Google Sheets, and Hangouts Chat.

These integrations are all user-friendly and easy to spin up – they’re customizable and require no coding for users that prefer a more visual experience when building out their own workflows and integrations.

Streak’s API, documented on

In addition to reworking our in-app experience, we also wanted a new platform for our API documentation that was modern, quick, and allowed our users test the API’s capabilities from their browser. Our developers already loved using ReadMe for these same reasons, so it made sense to bring Streak’s new API documentation there in full.

For newer developers (or ones that like using specific tools for their API requests), we’ve expanded our knowledge base to include guidelines for using Postman with the Streak API. The guide includes example requests, too, to help you get started.

We built these updates for both you and ourselves — the changes to our application make Streak even easier to develop for.

If you have questions about our API or need help integrating your existing data into Streak, drop us a line at We’ll be happy to help. ❤

Editor’s note: Special thanks to Becca S. for updating our old API documentation and migrating it to and to Johnny N. for creating the new integrations page.

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