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A better manager for your Saved Views

A better manager for your Saved Views

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People setting up their first Pipelines often want to know: what are the secrets we can learn from the way Streak uses Streak? The answer is always: lots of Saved Views.

Why? If you want to:

  • See only Boxes assigned to you
  • Filter for leads you haven’t emailed in last 7 days
  • Create a user segment for Mail merge
  • Make a custom Pipeline report

… the key Streak feature you’ll need is a View. Because they are so central to so many different ways of maximizing Streak (additional reading on Views, knowledge base), we expect you’ll be creating new Views early and often. For example, the five most frequently used Pipelines at Streak HQ have an average of over fifty different Saved Views.

Our Accounts pipeline is one of those five, with 53 views, thousands of boxes, and 16+ users navigating it at a time. With that many Saved Views on a Pipeline, you need an easy way to see, edit, and manage everything in it.

If you click on ‘See all 53’ above, you’ll see a brand new way to work with your team’s Saved Views in that pipeline:

The new Saved Views Manager on our Accounts pipeline

The manager now follows Google Material Design, so it feels like a natural part of the updated Gmail. It’s simple to star, reorder, rename, and pin a Saved Views to your inbox:

The Saved Views Manager at work

Pipelines are designed to be collaborative in all ways, so you’ll see all Views created by your Team. (Remember, if you star a View, it only affects your account— not the whole team) You can now sort all the Views so it’s easier to review what currently exists:

If you don’t see the ‘See All’ link underneath your Pipelines, then you haven’t created enough Views yet — and we should fix that first! Signs and symptoms of doing things the hard way (not using Views) are:

  1. Creating different Pipelines for different people
  2. Using Cmd-F/Ctrl-F frequently
  3. Scrolling around looking for what to do next
  4. Creating a follow up task for every single box

… if that sounds like you or a colleague, drop us a line in and we’ll have you saving time and flying around your Pipelines in no time. 🖤

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