Streak Vancouver

Building a world class engineering team

Streak opened our Vancouver engineering office in early 2019 to add world class talent to our team. Streak has big product ambitions and we need more great engineers to help us implement them. Our goal is to grow to 10 engineers in 2019.

The Vancouver office is a first class distributed office, not just some place we outsource stuff out to. We want to encourage collaboration and learning between engineers across our two offices so we'll be splitting projects across offices.

Engineering at Streak

Work with great people, solve hard problems, & delight users

We’re committed to you

We are all about building a fantastic culture and a diverse team

Excellent benefits

More than just matching tech giants, we care about benefits that our team actually love

Why Vancouver?

... and other commonly asked questions

Why Vancouver?

  • This is our first time opening a separate engineering office and we understand that it will take time and resources to make successful. Being in the same timezone and a short flight away makes collaboration a lot easier.
  • We really respect the great engineering talent in Vancouver.
  • Both founders (Aleem and Omar) are Canadian and have a bias and affinity towards Canada.
  • Canada has a sane immigration system which opens up access to the global talent pool.

What's your stack?

Our backend is running on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We use Kubernetes and GKE for orchestration. Server code is written in Java and some Kotlin. We make extensive use of GCP's managed services and are always at the forefront of GCP's evolution:

On the frontend we've built the InboxSDK library ( to power our best-in-class integration with Gmail. We use React as a view layer and Flow for static typing. State and data synchronization is accomplished with a battle tested in-house framework that makes extensive use of streams (

Anything else I should know?

We will be very competitive with compensation, we're not opening a Vancouver office to get cheap labor. Also, our options are extremely valuable as we have extended exercise windows ( This is pretty rare amongst startups and we're proud to offer it.


Competitive salary + Silicon Valley perks tailored for the unique culture of Vancouver


We believe in being healthy and have an $80/mo fitness credit. We also cover your MSP, Dental and Vision premiums.

Your vacation covered

$1,000 Travel credit to use on taking an awesome vacation every year in addition to our standard 3 week paid vacation, sick and generous family leave policies.

Invest in your future

Grow your career with on the job coaching/feedback, regular performance reviews and our $1,000 professional development and education credit.


Use $200/mo transportation credit on public transit passes, parking, bike maintenance or however else you get to work.

Office perks

We have a conveniently located office complete with catered meals, office snacks and regular team events.

Host your friends and family

We encourage quality time with friends and family - host a dinner party or drinks and we'll organize and cover the cost of chef or bartender to make it extra special.

Go on an adventure

British Columbia has amazing outdoor options - go on canoe trip, hike a mountain or buy a seasons ski pass using $1,000 adventure credit.

Top of the line tech

Choose your own tech setup (laptop, monitor, etc) and we'll also cover your cell phone bill.

Competitive compensation

We value people on our team highly and are competitive on cash and equity compensation and RRSP match - even against the big tech giants.

Engineering positions

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