Work with great people, solve hard problems for our customers

Streak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photo
Streak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photo

How we work

and the values we stand by

Everyone has a voice

Our team runs as a meritocracy so to be excellent we need everyone’s ideas.

Be an expert, or know who to ask

We bridge the broader Streak team with our user base. Our users trust us to be product experts, and the product team trusts us to be user experts.

Be helpful

Got a question about G Suite or need a restaurant recommendation in SF? It doesn’t have to be about Streak, we all naturally love to help anyway we can.

Be curious

We always ask why (and keep asking) until we understand the root cause of our users' problems. See the Toyota Production System. Every conversation is a chance to bring insights back to the product.

Our Tools

Being human at scale

We use modern tooling to help scale with our user base while still providing a human touch in our interactions.


We service Streak customers by using Streak - there is no substitute for dogfooding. We're both product experts in what we teach customers and in the feedback we give to the product team.


Realtime chat lets us give our most valuable customers white glove treatment. We scale that with an in app knowledge base.

SQL & BigQuery

We're data driven when it comes to scaling help for our entire user base. Analyzing user behavior in Streak helps us prioritize our efforts.

Meet the team

Andrew Stewart

Head of Customer Success

Andrew led the Tradeshow Success Team at DoubleDutch before joining Streak and building out our Success and Support teams. He’s an extremely hands-on manager (he still jumps in the support queue) and knows every nuance of Streak, but his biggest interest is enabling his teams to succeed and grow. Over the last four years, he’s become the face of Success for many of us and our customers. He’s done this by ensuring everyone has the right tools to succeed: asking good questions, providing honest feedback, and encouraging ambition. He’s a champion for his team and our users.

Andrew Stewart

Head of Customer Success

Zachary Chamberlain

Customer Success

Rebecca Alvarez

Customer Support

Precious Listana

Customer Success

Brita Ulf

Head of Content

Amanda Yang

Technical Customer Support

Amy Frantz

Customer Success

Cindy Lucero

Customer Success

Luke Borello

Customer Support

Fatima Anaza

Customer Support

Success hiring process



hear back within 2 days

Read this job description and watch the Loom from Andrew. Apply with standard information + a Loom intro video of your own. We personally look over every applicant and respond to everyone no matter what.


Intro call

hear back within 24 hours

30 minute call for us to get to know each other and make sure there’s high level alignment for what we’re both looking for.


Take home exercise

hear back within 3 days

A short (2 hour) take home exercise so we can get a sense for how you work and handle problems you might encounter on the job.


Virtual onsite with the team

2-3 hours virtually "onsite " with the team members you'll be working with frequently. We'll make sure it's a great fit for everyone involved.


Final chat with team + offer!

We'll cover any final questions about how we work, your offer and our benefits.