Work with great people, scale revenue, & delight customers of all shapes and sizes

Streak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photo
Streak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photoStreak for gmail team career photo

How we work

and the values we stand by

Succeed as a team

We are intrinsically motivated to win as a unit and push each other to hit common goals. We work with engineering and success to give our customers a unified message.

Don’t sell: discover problems

Streak can adapt to a broad set of use cases, our job is to figure out the unique needs of each of our customers.

Make impact beyond numbers

We go beyond our quotas. With creative approaches to selling and the freedom to experiment, each of us defines what Streak sales could be.

Be a product expert

An authentic sales process requires deep product knowledge so we can deploy Streak across multiple use cases in a company.

Be humble and always be learning

We always want to be learning and bettering ourselves and our processes. This builds empathy for our customers and teammates.

Our Tools

Hunting and farming

We use modern tooling to help find new customers and find existing customers to expand.


We sell Streak by using Streak - there is no substitute for dogfooding. We're both product experts in what we sell to customers and in the feedback we give to the product team.

LinkedIn Sales, DataBees, Apollo & Crunchbase Pro

We empower our team with data sets to find the ideal customer. Slice and dice the data to try new approaches.

SQL & BigQuery

Our data warehouse lets us be deeply analytical in finding diamonds in the rough in our customer base.

Meet the team

Annie Wu

Sales Manager

Prior to Streak, Annie worked for Vision Critical, and graduated from Queen's University with a Bachelor of Commerce. Now Annie's ready to open up a new chapter in her life with a move to the Bay Area. If she's not cooking up a storm in the kitchen, you'll find her on long walks through the city.

Annie Wu

Sales Manager

Jordan Robers

Account Executive

Madison Moore

Junior Account Executive

Ben McLeod

Account Executive

Jon Smetana

Account Executive


We respond to every applicant, so you’ll never be left in the dark

Don't see something that fits?

Send us an email and let's have a conversation

Sales hiring process



hear back within 2 days

We personally look over every applicant and respond to everyone no matter what.


Phone call

hear back within 24 hours

30 minute call to ensure your sales skills and experience match what we're looking for. This is also your opportunity to ask questions of the role to ensure it's what you're looking for. We don't want to waste your time on an onsite if it doesn't look like a fit.


Small take home

hear back within 24 hours

We understand that interviews aren't always the best way to showcase your skills. We give you a small take home project to work on and then chat about it during your onsite.


Onsite interview

hear back within 3 days

3-4 hours onsite with team members including account executives, SDRs, customer success managers, and our CEO. You'll have plenty of time to ask questions about the company and the team. Your day will end with a debrief with your hiring manager where you'll get some initial feedback and have the opportunity to ask any final questions.


Receive offer & get to know the team

30 minutes with the head of sales to chat about the offer, benefits, and any questions you have. Afterwards, get dinner or drinks with the team so you can better visualize working at Streak.