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January 12th: Bug fixes and improvements

January 12th: Bug fixes and improvements

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We finished out the year (and began the new one) with bug fixes and user experience improvements. Here’s a recap of what changed:

Creating tasks in box view
When typing in the task pop-up in the box view, the cursor sometimes jumped to the beginning of the text. This small but surprisingly maddening bug has been fixed. Task masters rejoice!

👤 Creating contacts getting stuck in sidebar
Creating a contact could result in a never-ending “creating” state in the sidebar. This has been fixed.

🔑 Override data validation when creating new boxes
Although admins have the option to override data validation (available on pro and enterprise plans) rules, they weren’t able to do so when creating new boxes. We’ve fixed this, meaning you can create boxes with blank fields that are otherwise required.

🔒 Data validation for formula columns
Streak wasn’t properly assessing formula columns in some cases of data validation, which might cause a rule to be incorrectly triggered–even when you did everything right! This has been fixed and we apologize for any unwarranted scolding.

📄 Boxed files slow to download and open
Files in boxes were downloading and opening at dial up internet speeds, which nobody has time for these days. This has been fixed, so you won’t have to take a mental trip to the 90s every time you open an attachment.

🔗 Copy box and pipeline links with one click
We did away with a redundant click to copy links to boxes, pipelines, and saved views. Small efficiencies add up, and you can now copy a link to your work in Streak with one click.

👁️ Email tracking magic columns
In some cases, Streak wasn’t properly updating email tracking magic column data. We’ve fixed this so you can use the newest type of magic column to follow up with engaged prospects and use this data for saved views and more.

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