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Getting to Know Streak Contacts

Getting to Know Streak Contacts

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The code has been flowing all summer here at Streak HQ in pursuit of several major product launches. You’re already enjoying several improvements (teams, box redesign) resulting from our preparatory work, but today we’re extra proud to show you the first milestone release: Introducing Streak Contacts!

Allow us to start by highlighting four reasons you’ll be excited to use Streak Contacts:

  1. More data, less data entry: We’ll automatically add details (ie phone number) from existing Google Contacts Data
  2. Act on your Contact information from the Box, Pipeline, or Contact: Send an email, click-to-call, send Calendar invite, or start a Hangout/Video chat with any Contact
  3. Simple visibility: See all boxes containing a Contact
  4. Share Contacts: Collaborate with your entire Streak Team

Already seen enough? Get started right now with:

We know any one of those features is cause for celebration. Before we get carried away, let’s take a step back and discuss the concept of Contacts within Streak (Organizations will be a separate topic). We considered two major pain points when designing Contacts:

1. Boxes that include many people (plus phone numbers, social profiles, and other details)

Example: You’re working on a software sale. Each box represents an opportunity/lead, and you want to easily track multiple people from the lead company.

2. Multiple boxes that include the same person (and their details)

Example: You run a support pipeline. Each box represents a new support ticket. When you add the person who is generating the ticket, you’ll be able to easily see all other tickets containing the same Contact.

3 Quick FAQ’s

  1. What is the relationship between a Contact, a Box, and a Pipeline?
    Streak Contacts are special data objects (‘things’) you can add to box, just like a Call Log or Task. Currently, a Contact can be viewed from the Pipeline or inside of a Box. By definition, a Contact has to have been added to at least 1 box. For a further discussion on the nuts and bolts, see here! (Note: Contacts are only available via the new box design.)
  2. …Streak Is Perfect Already — Do I Have To Start Using Contacts?
    We know many of you already love Streak exactly as is. If your Pipelines are currently yielding great results, there is no requirement to begin using the Contacts feature. However, if you’re experiencing either of the 2 general pains outlined above, Contacts is your new tool to tame overflowing boxes.
  3. I am tracking phone number as a field in my box (or other method). Am I doing something wrong and how do I switch?
    Whether you were adding contact fields to boxes, using the ‘People’ Column type to add email addresses, or adding/removing emails from the ‘People’ section (or something else), we’ll be working with you to smoothly and seamlessly migrate you to the improved Contacts feature. Stay tuned to the blog and Twitter as we continue to develop and work through our list of ‘to do’ items, because…

New Features Coming!
Adding more functionality to Contacts is our current priority. We’d also to hear your thoughts! Compliments and criticism are both equally welcome — we want to know how you’re using Contacts, what works great and what can be improved.

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