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February 2nd: Bug fixes and improvements

February 2nd: Bug fixes and improvements

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We started off the year with a few improvements and fixes. Here’s what changed:

📖 Clarify API documentation for updating box fields

After noticing some confusion from our customers, we updated our API documentation to better explain how to update box fields using Streak’s API

Long mail merge sending times

In some cases, mail merges were requiring several hours to complete sending your emails. This has been fixed.

❌ Delete all fields on an existing contact

For a minute there, you could delete all fields — like name and email — of a contact. This would leave you with a sad, empty, shell of a contact called “No name”, so we put up some guard rails to make sure you have some way to identify who they are. (You can still just delete them if you’re over it.)

💬 Replying to comments from inbox

So your teammate asks you a burning question in a box comment and uses the @ symbol to mention your name. You get a notification and reply directly from the email… but nothing shows up in the box. SAD! We fixed this so you can reply to comments from the notification email and not accidentally leave your team hanging.

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