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Call Logs and Meeting Notes — Feature Release

Call Logs and Meeting Notes — Feature Release

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We’re very excited to take the wraps off our most recent additions to Streak: Call Logs and Meeting Notes! Combined with our recent launch of Tasks, you can now ask your Streak pipeline powerful questions like “Which of my boxes contain a task that is due today?” or “Which of my leads have I not called this month?”

Call Logs and Meeting Notes are both different ways of tracking “Who, What, When, Why (Where)” for interactions that happen outside of email. We’ll dive into Call Logging for this blog, but everything you see will also apply to Meeting Notes. (If you’re more of a “see the movie” than “read the book” kind of person — video tour here). All feedback is encouraged!

…Let’s Go On a Tour!

Picture, if you will: You, at your desk. You’re doing your Gmail thing, updating Streak boxes and closing deals. The phone rings! It’s calling to have a quick chat…

…here we go! Because you were working in your inbox — you navigate directly to’s box using the main Gmail search:

Then, (woohoo!) you navigate to the “Contents” section and and give the shiny new ‘Call Log’ button a firm, confident click:

Up pops your first Call Log!

For ease of use, we’ve automatically scraped the time/date and included a timer option. The timer will run until you stop it or ‘save and close’ the Call Log. If you’re logging a call that has already happened, use the ‘choose time’ option to select a pre-set call length.

Now that we have our Call Log open, we may want to move around our Gmail and reference other boxes or emails. With a couple of clicks, we might have navigated to an email, then into the box of that email, and then to a message that’s been shared with us via Streak. As you work, your Call Log popup is staying with you so you can continue to take notes, open your Tasks to create a reminder, and edit your pipeline (etc):

When you’re ready make some updates to your original box, you’re just a click away! The “Box” button will take you directly back to the box associated with your current Call Log. (Similarly, to promptly peruse previous Call Logs we’d point out the ‘Previous Call’ link)

We’ve added many new complementary Magic Columns to power your pipelines (2nd blog dedicated to the new Magic Columns to follow). For now, feast your eyes on this summer bounty crop of Magic Columns (and this is only 1 section):

A brief discussion on caring for your “Contents” section:

When you add an email to a box in Streak, we’re creating an association between the Streak box and your existing Gmail. The itself thread stays happily at home in your Gmail. If you later decide that message should no longer be associated with the box, you can ‘remove from box’ to break the link. You are not, however, deleting the original mail. Call Logs and Meeting Notes are pieces of data that only exist in Streak — for that reason, the UI is offering to ‘delete’ and not ‘remove.’ Deleting a Call Log, unlike removing an email, is permanent:

Looking to the future:

A note on “coming soon”: We wanted to get this update into your hands as quickly as possible. You’ll find there are a couple of features in the UI that aren’t available today. We’ll develop incremental updates as we go. That also means: We’d love to hear your feedback on what we’ve built! It’s live and in your hands, but never final…

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