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Scale your Gmail

Organize Your Communication

Beginning conversations with founders via email is natural. Streak elegantly organizes your existing communication flow.

Manage Many Potential Investments

Finding great opportunities requires reaching out to a large number of potential investments. Streak includes tools like filters to automatically sort large a large volume of email.

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Share Email Across Your Team

Sharing is Simple

Unify your communication without the need to CC. Read a full history of email between an you and a company even if the original email isn’t addressed to you.

Automatic Filtering

Filters take the work out of associating email with the correct startup. Streak will know how to categorize an email based on email address and context.

Individual permissions

Maintain control over which startups are shared with whom on an individual user basis.

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Stay in Touch Effortlessly

Automatic Reminders

Find a fascinating company that isn’t quite ready to raise a round? Leave yourself a reminder to follow up in the future. Or, set a reminder at regular intervals to maintain a friendly conversation.

Always Fresh

Sort all potential deals by last communication date. See email sorted not by when it was sent, but by response.

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Keep Leads Warm

Make the Most of Introductions

Streak can bring an email back to your inbox if no one replies. Never let a third party referral go cold again.

Follow Up On Sent Mail

If your introduction email doesn’t receive a reply, we'll be happy to remind you.

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Replace External Spreadsheets

Unlimited MetaData

Streak accepts an unlimited amount of data about your potential investments. Include industry, funding stage, equity, or any other important data point.

Values Update Dynamically

Our powerful formulas enable you to analyze your potential investments without a separate spreadsheet. See and manipulate your data without leaving Gmail.

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Visualize Your Funnel

Create Beautiful Reports

Turn your raw numbers into beautiful, easy to digest graphics. Be ready to give a compelling presentation at a moments notice.

Mine Your Data

Any field within Streak can be used to create an analysis. Separate signal from noise by drilling down on specific data points.

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Highlight Important Deals

Pin to the top of the Inbox

Customize the investments to put at the top of your Gmail. Filter for exactly the information that needs to be front and center right now.

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Streak is simple to install and comes with a pre­-built, elegant, dealflow pipeline. Your pipeline is super flexible - customize as you go.

Frictionless Migration

Coming from another CRM? No problem! Migrating to Streak is as simple as importing a CSV file.

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Still not sure?

Try Streak free for as long as you want. It takes seconds to install. And because you already know how to use Gmail, you’ll master Streak in minutes.

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