Mail Merge
from Gmail

Send personalized, tracked mass emails
and follow-up sequences in Gmail.

700,000+ Chrome store users

Send your first mail merge in minutes

Compose your email

Compose a new email right from Gmail

Upload a CSV

Upload a list of email addresses

Personalize + Send

Use variables to send personalized emails to each recipient.

Personalize messages

for higher response rates

Send personalized individual emails to hundreds of recipients in just a few clicks. Address recipients by first name, reference their company, or include data from your CSV file.

Prevent that faux pas

with smart email alerts

Never send a cold outbound message to a recipient your team has already emailed. Streak alerts you if your team has ever emailed with a recipient and shows you a beautiful timeline of your team's communication history.

Instant previews

of what the recipient sees

Preview the exact messages before sending them out. Better yet, send yourself a test email to be 100% certain you know what your recipient will see.

Built in email tracking

to see who’s opened your email

Receive a notification when any email is viewed. See the last time each email was viewed and the total number of views, so you know exactly who to follow up with next.

Schedule emails

to be sent at a specific time

Schedule your mail merge and follow-up emails to arrive in your recipient's inbox at the perfect moment.

Target your recipients

with organized lists

Want to send a follow-up to specific recipients? Import your contacts into a pipeline to keep them organized. Filter and sort them based on any criteria and send your next mail merge to a targeted list.

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