Send Later

Schedule an email to be sent at a specific time!

Easily Schedule an Email to Send Later

Send Later Integrated into Gmail

Streak adds the Send Later feature directly into your Gmail toolbar.

Use Plain English

Want to write an email now but schedule to send it ‘next monday 8am’? No problem!

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Saved Securely in Your Gmail Drafts

Send Later, Worry Never

Streak doesn’t host your email ‘Send later’ messages remain safely at home in your drafts. Not only is this extra secure, but you can edit your message at any time before it is sent.

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How to use this to Get Things Done?

Send Sales Follow Ups at the Appropriate Time

Use ‘send later’ to arrive in the inbox of a potential customer at the perfect moment.

Post Demo Follow Up

Write a follow up based on the demo you just completed. Include context and answer questions while you’re in the moment. Follow up on the demo without having to remember.

Wish Your Best Customers Happy Birthday!

Are you creating a personal touch with your best customers on their Birthday? Schedule your best wishes in advance and never miss another chance to build relationships.

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Try Streak free for 14 days. It takes seconds to install. And because you already know how to use Gmail, you’ll master Streak in minutes.

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