Snooze Emails.

Hide an email for now, and have it come back later.

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Install Streak for Email Snooze.

Get back to that Email later.

Snooze lets you archive a message now and get it out of your inbox. Streak will pop it back to the top of your inbox at the time you specify. It comes back just like any new message would.

Compose and Snooze

You can even snooze an email as you are composing it. This is really handy if you want to be reminded of this email so you can follow up if the recipient hasn't responded yet.

It's Smart Too

You can set up your snooze to only bring the email back to your inbox if there haven't been any replies on the thread since you snoozed it. If someone has replied, you've likely seen it already!

Who hasn't replied to you yet?

Streak can show all the messages you've sent where you haven't gotten a reply yet. This is super useful to know who to follow up with next. All requiring zero work on your part, just send email as you always have.

Still in your account.

All snoozed email threads can still be viewed in the "Snoozed" and "All Mail" sections in Gmail. They can appear in search results and in your labels. Streak simply archives your message until its time to bring it back to your inbox. You email is always accessible at any time.

See replies immediately.

If the thread gets any new activity before its snooze time is over, the snooze won't stop you from seeing the new replies on the thread.


We're Sorry

Streak only works in Chrome 23 and above

Please download and install the latest version of Chrome here

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