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Streak Brings Mail Merge to Gmail

Streak Brings Mail Merge to Gmail

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In Sales, Customer Support or any other pipeline you are managing, there are times when you want to send the same email to multiple people at once but have it customized for each person so that it’s more personal. Existing solutions are either hard to use or lack the personal touch. Streak’s new mail merge feature brings the power to send dozens of personalized emails from right inside of Gmail.

In order to send out mass customized emails, you’ll need a list of email addresses but also the data to customize each email — like the person’s name, address or even the most recent product they bought. Thankfully — if you’re a current Streak user, you already have this data in your Pipelines (sales or customer support or any other).

If you’re a new Streak user or just want to use the Mail Merge functionality, you can easily create a new pipeline and import the data from a CSV file. Here’s some more help for getting started with Streak.

Below is a step by step guide to sending your first Mail Merge:

How to get started

Start composing a new email as usual and click on the ‘Mail Merge’ link.

There are two ways to tell Streak where to get the email addresses from. You can either upload a CSV file with a list of emails inside, or if you are a current Streak user we can extract the email addresses from boxes you’ve created.

Once you’ve picked the email addresses to send your email to, you can start writing out your email. By default the same email will be sent to all of the email addresses listed on the left sidebar. However, you can customize individual emails by clicking on each email address and customizing the text. That will customize the message for just that recipient.

Another way to customize emails is to insert templates. Templates let you add custom data to each message. Templates can include the person name or any other data you have about them in your Streak boxes.

Once you press send, Streak will start sending the emails one at a time to each of your recipients. We currently have a limit of 50 emails per mail merge. Be careful, Gmail has a 500 message/day cap on sent emails so try not to run into that.

We’ve had this feature in limited testing for the past few days and it’s already turning into one of the most useful features of Streak. Definitely give it a try and let us know what you think.

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