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Celebrating a support milestone: live chat for all plan levels

Celebrating a support milestone: live chat for all plan levels

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In 2022, the support team at Streak will eat right, exercise daily, and personally respond to every incoming question, comment, and issue - regardless of the user’s payment status. 

Our goal is to build software simple enough that anyone can get started without needing outside assistance. While we keep working on that aspiration, we’ve also invested in the user experience at Streak in the following ways:

  1. Introduced video learning at
  2. Updated our knowledge base to 100+ articles
  3. Started to scale the customer team (welcome, Cindy and Killian!)

Support for free plan users

In 2021 our paid Professional and Enterprise plan users saw a median first response time of 31 minutes during business hours. In order to maintain the consistently high quality support we offer our paying users (email, live chat, screenshare, knowledge base, video library) we did not guarantee personal support for our free plan users. 

After scaling our customer facing team (we’re hiring!), we can now also offer the same high quality support to all users as of November 2021 .

Why this is important to us

The free tier of Streak is used by small businesses, artists, and the next generation of enterprise businesses. 

Organizationally, we take pride and find meaning in creating software that helps people organize their information and improve their results. Our customer facing teams take pride in helping our users accelerate their learning curve, navigate nuance, and troubleshoot technical issues. We’re proud of the level of help we give and take great satisfaction in knowing we can consistently give all users a high quality experience.

The future of Streak support

Answering all paid and free incoming support inquiries is only one milestone towards our ideal support experience. There are a variety of ways we are eager to continue to improve the help experience, including but not limited to:

  1. Expanded hours of operation (we’re currently available 6am-5pm PST, M-F) to better support our international teams
  2. Additional language support (currently English and limited Spanish)
  3. More available slots for screenshare consultation
  4. Expanded documentation

Although we’re celebrating this milestone, we need to continually meet that bar day after day. The first step to doing so is continuing to invest in the front line people who are ready to take on anything from a technical mystery to an invoice request. If you’re interested, or know someone who would be great at helping our users, you can view our Live Chat Specialist role here.

And - we’re really proud of the work we do helping our users, but we do get things wrong sometimes. If you have a question you feel you haven’t satisfactorily answered, we’d love to hear from you.

See you in chat!

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