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Introducing Email Snooze

Introducing Email Snooze

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Focusing on your work is one of the keys to being more productive. At Streak we’re always looking for ways to remove distractions so you can focus on what matters: closing deals, and getting real work done.

Today we’re launching our Snooze feature that lets you archive an email now, and have it come back to the top of your inbox later. This lets you remove lower priority emails out of your inbox so you can deal with them later.

Whenever you’re looking at a conversation, or have one or more emails checked, you’ll see the “Snooze” button available.

Clicking on the button will bring up the menu where you can specify how long you want to snooze the email for. You can even add an extra condition that if there’s a reply on the thread, that cancels the snooze. Once you snooze an email its archived immediately (but also available in the snoozed list — see below).

The second way that Snooze makes you more productive is bringing an email that you’ve sent out to the top of your inbox if there hasn’t been a response. This is a very common use case for salespeople as they send out their sales emails and want to follow up when there’s been no activity to make sure the deal doesn’t fall through the cracks. Now, instead of having to remember which leads to follow up with, just schedule the Snooze and forget about it.

If you want to see all of your Snoozed emails, we provide that capability from directly within Gmail. Simply click on the “Snoozed” link on the left, and you’ll see all the emails you have snoozed.

You can also just do a search inside of Gmail, and any threads that have an active Snooze on them will have a special indicator.

Last, but definitely not least, is the “Awaiting Reply” view. Without taking any extra action you can now see which emails you’ve sent out that have not received a reply yet. These don’t have to be just Snoozed emails, this will work with any message you’ve sent but haven’t received a reply for.

Now, there are some other services that provide similar functionality to Snooze, however, we’re firm believers that we offer the best solution. You can schedule and manage everything right from within Gmail. Better yet, when the time comes for the email to come back to the top of your inbox we don’t generate a reply, the thread just comes to the top unmodified, exactly as you’d expect.

Oh, and Snooze is 100% free to use.

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