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Heading to a call? Take Streak with you.

Heading to a call? Take Streak with you.

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Managing a client relationship requires taking calls, writing notes on those calls, writing follow-up emails, and letting everyone else on your team know where the relationship is. This normally plays out across several applications and devices. Maybe some of these applications talk to each other, but it’s likely that they don’t.

With Streak, we’ve built a new toolset to address this. One that lets you make a call using any dialer (including your phone), write notes on that call as it’s happening, email the client afterward, and log all of this to your client’s profile instantly. No more administrative work, no more friction.

At the center of every contact profile in Streak you now have the option to initiate a call. You can call using Hangouts Chat, your computer’s native dialer (Dialpad, Bright Pattern, FaceTime Audio, and Skype can all be used), and also from any iOS device you’ve installed Streak onto.

As soon as a call is initiated, you’ll be prompted to start taking notes in Streak. This simplifies the process of gathering, storing, and sharing meeting notes. We designed the experience to work regardless of what device you’re using for the call, too. Initiating a call on your phone will prompt your desktop for note-taking, and likewise for your desktop to your phone.

This update is live now and accessible to all Streak users!

Editor’s note: Continued thanks to Aleem and John for spearheading these features for iOS. If you’re interested in working with a world-class team to launch new products, check out our careers page — we’d love to build with you!

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