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Call Logs, Tasks, and Meeting Notes at Scale — Part 1

Call Logs, Tasks, and Meeting Notes at Scale — Part 1

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Every pipeline tells a story. Our goal is to make that story easy to read. Call Logs, Tasks, and Meeting Notes are new tools you can use to illustrate, punctuate, and organize your story for easy reading.

Before we dig into the ‘how’, let’s do a quick review of the ‘what’:

As a super quick refresher on Streak terminology:
- Magic Column: Columns where Streak automatically creates and updates the data for you, like “Date of Last Meeting.”
- Saved View: A way of finding and displaying boxes based on your own custom criteria, like: “Hey Streak, only show me boxes that are Assigned To Me.

It’s All About the Data

We now offer Thirty Six different Magic Columns! Here is just a sampling of our expanded offerings:

(… if that screenshot doesn’t get you excited, we don’t know what will!)

To demonstrate the basics of using Tasks, Call Logs, and Meeting Notes at scale, we’ll walk through 5 different pairings of Magic Columns and Saved Views. And, we’ll toss in a bit of backstory for your easy reading pleasure (hey, we’re working a theme here).

Note this blog is Part 1 of 2, and this blog is only focusing on Magic Columns and Saved Views. We have additional tricks up our sleeve for Part 2.

First, a brief reminder of where to find the “Filter, Sort, Group” button to create Saved Views:

Pairing Saved Views with Magic Columns to Match Your Workflow

(Like fine wine and good cheese!)

1. Never forget a to complete a Task:
You have a growing pipeline that currently contains 1,000 boxes. You’ve been adding Tasks with Due Dates to your boxes as you work. On Friday afternoons, before wrapping up your week, you want to make sure there aren’t any hanging forgotten Tasks. Use the following filter to have Streak show all boxes containing 1 or more ‘Overdue’ tasks:

In this example, you are almost entirely up to date and Streak only finds 1 overdue item:

Getting as much visibility as possible into my Overdue Tasks is important to your process. Let’s going to take the next step and bring this view directly into the inbox with the “Show in Inbox”option:

Back in the inbox, this View is now pinned to the inbox as:

2. Alternate approach to above: Sort all boxes in your pipeline based on the “Date of Earliest Overdue Tasks Count” column.
First, add the column:

Then, sort the boxes according to the number of Overdue Tasks:

3. You run a sales process in Streak. The first part of your process is to call all Leads who have not yet been called:

… building on that process: Once you’ve made initial contact, you want no more than 7 days to pass before following up with another phone call:

4. You have an Account Management pipeline, and want to use it to keep up with clients.

Your primary goal is to have contact (call or meeting or email) at least once every two weeks:

… we can even improve this and only show boxes that are also assigned to me:

…. time for something a bit fancy! In addition to keeping up with your clients every two weeks, you want every call to be followed up with an email. In the view below, we have two filters, and each filter has two criteria. Streak will now return boxes where either (Date of last Contact is more than 14 days ago and Assigned To is ‘me’) or (Last Contact Type is a call and Assigned To is ‘me’):

5. Now that we’re getting into the fun parts, let’s use ‘group by’ to see a new perspective of our pipelines. (It’s kind of like looking at your pipeline… and then turning your head 90 degrees sideways)

We’ll start with just a simple filter showing us only boxes in the ‘Lead’ stage:

… which returns us all leads:

We already selected only boxes in the ‘lead’ stage, so having them displayed to us according to Stage (‘Lead’) doesn’t offer us any additional insight. Instead, we can group by the Last Contact Type (substitute column of your choice):

Which displays the same boxes as above according to ‘Last Contact Type’:

Grouping by ‘Last Contact Type’ is just an example. You may insert the column of your choice depending on the piece of data you want to use to organize your boxes.

Keep on learning: Part 2 here


For reference, a list of new Magic Columns by feature:


  • Task Assignees
  • Tasks Count
  • Complete Tasks Count
  • Incomplete Tasks Count
  • Overdue Tasks Count
  • Date of Earliest Overdue Task

Call Logs

  • Call Logs Count
  • Call Logs Duration
  • Date of First Call
  • Date of Last Call Log

Meeting Notes

  • Meeting Count
  • Total Meeting Notes Duration
  • Date of First Meeting
  • Date of Last Meeting

Interaction (Call Log, Email, or Meeting)

  • Date of Last Interaction
  • Last Interaction Type

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