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Brand New Mail Merge!

Brand New Mail Merge!

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We’ve rebuilt Streak Mail Merge from the ground up. Our most beloved of all Email Power Tools is better than ever!

The complete rewrite of Mail Merge will offer a modern feel with improved performance and a few bonus(!) surprises. All the features you already know and love are also included in the update.

Easier to create and customize

In the above, variables are easy to identify and edit. (Refresher on Mail Merge best practices here). Everything you need to create your merge happens in the Gmail Compose window, so selecting your recipients is easier than ever:

The default recipient list is all Contacts in a box. (If you haven’t adopted Contacts, now is the time!).

Updating the First Name field from our above example feels natural and is done right in the compose window where you’re creating your Mail Merge:

When you merge using Streak Contacts as recipients, we’re happy to say you’ll only need to update a First Name (for example) one time for the change to apply to all future Mail Merges.

New features! We now 1) support both ‘Default Values’ and 2) offer suggestions for fixing missing values!

As before, the right sidebar will display a preview of the email. New feature! Send yourself a test email to make sure your merge looks perfect:

Ready for more? Check out the full video tutorial here or see basics here:

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