Senior Product Engineer

Remote (North America)

Senior Product Engineer

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Remote (North America)

Lead a small and high performing frontend engineering team at Streak. We work on highly technical projects (like a performant spreadsheet that can render millions of cells). You’ll own projects from start to finish and learn how to ship high quality software. Our team has an outsized impact given its size - millions of dollars of profit per engineer and the ability to improve the lives of millions of Gmail users without actually working at, ahem, a large bureaucratic company.

What we do

Streak frees business users from switching between their email, where all their work actually gets done, and the tools they are forced to use to manage that work (like Salesforce). We recognize that sales, hiring, partnerships, fundraising all happens in your inbox - so we’re building a meta layer on top of email that lets your team push these processes forward.

What you’ll work on

Product engineers at Streak build out user facing features across the full stack with a focus on frontend technologies. We work on two products, Streak (our CRM integrated with Gmail) and the InboxSDK (developer tool to build apps inside of Gmail, which of course we ourselves use). 

Our users love the product we’ve built so far, and we have a solid technical foundation but we need to level up and mature our codebase. We want a frontend architecture that is performant and stable but most importantly lets us build out new functionality quickly. Dev tooling and our data architecture are especially important to us.

Streak is a complex web application, built inside another incredible complex web application (Gmail) so there is no shortage of challenging technical work. Examples include wrangling Gmail to make it do what we want and scaling our primary UI to be a spreadsheet that can handle millions of cells. Adding to this is performance in Gmail is hard. Because of the sheer size of the DOM we have to be extremely careful in how we architect our own app. This is all in addition to the standard challenges of building web applications at scale: data syncing, balancing new feature development vs paying off debt, client side architecture, consolidating of different generations of patterns, build and dev tooling to make us productive plus some browser extension specific complexities.

Beyond the traditional standard marketing channels (which we only just started), we’re starting to build a product-led growth engine. The idea here is to build adjacent but relevant tools to our core CRM such as email tracking or mail merge. These get us a large install base (because they are better than anything else out there + free) who then convert to our CRM. Product engineers are responsible for building out these products that can both be used independently and integrated into our CRM.

We have a lot of $ flowing through Streak so another area that is high impact is optimizing the various funnels and user flows to offer a better experience to our users, while converting them to our higher tiered plans more effectively.

What we’re looking for

We’re looking to scale our team of excellent product engineers. We’re especially excited about candidates who want to build user facing features, experiment with growth projects and ensure our frontend architecture is simple, solid and performant. 

The Streak product is maturing and the surface area our users  interact with is widening. We need folks with experience architecting complex web applications and who have made the tradeoff between product velocity, refactoring and bug smashing. Since we're a flat and fully remote company, we’re  looking for engineers who are self-starters, hungry, aren't dogmatic, communicate well and need little initial training.

To that end, we're hiring a staff product engineer and 2-3 senior product engineers. You’re an ideal fit for this role if you have a lot of frontend experience - 5+ years of frontend JS experience (and ideally working with React/Typescript for 4+ years). We’re also looking for folks who have remote experience and are not only strong communicators, but believe that clear and concise verbal and written skills with their team are critical.

Growing at Streak

We value engineers who are deeply committed to their craft. We want Streak to be the place where you go deepest and nurture your craft the most during your career. We think this is possible because of the breadth of technical challenges to choose from but also because we give our team autonomy to make the decisions they think are best and to own the results.

Engineering @ Streak

Streak is the perfect size for engineers who want to build stuff and ship without distraction. We're small enough that we don’t have a bunch of middle managers and slow processes, but we’re large enough that we know what we're working on and have standards and infrastructure built up to ship fast.

From a business perspective, because we're profitable, we have the best of both worlds. Nimble and lean with growth opportunities like a startup. But we're not under the gun to raise a round in 9 months or die, so we can focus on building a foundation and a company that works for the long-term.

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